Then again… a few things that were giving me trouble (descriptions, scene changes, dialogue) might actually end u better this way. No idea but it is too late at night to do anything now, so maybe tomorrow I’ll see how everything goes.

Man I want school to be done so I can just take some time alone to WRITE and not worry about deadlines and work loads and finals and grades….

I have to completely gut a section of writing that I really liked because changing it makes more sense and it is killing me.

I had originally written in a well ( as in, a well for drawing water), for a key plot point of the story (really it gets everything rolling, it is that important), but in my mind it was an old-school dug well like, ring of stones and a pulley system and everything.

But really, a hand-pump well makes a whole lot more sense (and is the only way I can think of to have the water contaminated with backwash from a nearby spring like it needs to be), but it just doesn’t feel right. I have to completely wrap my own mind around re-imagining this well as a hand-pump one, probably painted red like the one in my great-grandmother’s yard, sitting on a slab of concrete instead of a round circle of creek-stones that you could bend over and look into with a flashlight.

Maybe it will actually be easier to write about in some ways, but after how much trouble this beginning chapter has already given me, I feel like it is awful to just throw away part of what made the image feel real. I can’t make the joke I wanted to throw in either, and it is hard enough bringing in humor to a fic from a comedy show as it is (plus I’m terrible at writing funny things), so now that makes my job harder too.







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